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A global directory of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners happy to host fellow BJJ enthusiasts.

Are you a Brazilian hoping to visit the US? Are you an American dreaming of visiting Brazil? is a rolodex of fellow practitioners around the world willing to host you for FREE on your travels. Whether you're headed to NYC or the West Coast for a weekend, or stuck on a layover in a strange land... before you book a hotel, check in with your BJJ brothers and sisters here first. BJJ is everywhere!

Visit new schools as a personal guest

Make contacts and attend a new school as the personal guest of a regular student.

See the world alongside new friends

Go on a “BJJ Tour” of your own country or another, with hosts along the way.

Expand your game with varied instruction

No two instructors are alike. In your travels, you will vary and expand your game.

Open your home to a traveler

Boost your karma; offer a bed, couch, or floorspace to a practitioner on their journey.

Are you a traveler or a host? Seeking accommodations, or looking to read or write reviews?

How to use this site?

Become A Host

Do you have a bed, couch, or floor you'd be willing to share with a traveling compadre? Fill out our simple form to be listed. We encourage travelers to sign up as hosts for obvious karmic reasons 🙂 There is no charge to join!

Find A Host

Interested in meeting other practitioners and visiting another training facility on your travels? New, different training partners is always a good thing, which is part of why these hosts have opened their homes to you at no charge!

Review Your Host

Have a good stay? We strongly encourage our community to write reviews for the benefit of other users. Simply navigate to your host's page in the Find A Host section, and comment. Be as specific as possible in your review.